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Embrace Gaming is a Swedish gaming organization founded in late 2010 and has a long history in the Swedish Counter-Strike scene, with being originally founded as a CS 1.6 team back in 2003.

Since then, Embrace has hosted several famous professional Counter-Strike players and lineups, including RobbaN, zet, f0rest, tentp0le, and many more. Our goal today is to provide a stable ground for our players and have our teams competing at the highest level both online and at LAN gaming events in and around Sweden.

Embrace Gaming as a community went from idea to practice simply because we had seen that the amateur scene that we love and spend our days with had started to decline. Therefore we decided that we wanted to help it survive, grow and remain strong.

Towards 2013 we are aiming to make Embrace Gaming a known gaming community - for gamers, by gamers. With the support of our sponsors and partners we will be hosting online and maybe even LAN competitions in Sweden. We will also start supporting the scene in other ways in the future.

Thanks to everyone for supporting Embrace Gaming and keep checking our website for the latest news regarding our lineups, sponsors, competitions and upcoming events that we will be attending.

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/ Embrace Management

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